Rights, migrations and international relations


Migration policies are a core and strategic issue of Italian, European and African relations. Designing mid and long term policies that tackle migrations as a structural issue is fundamental to properly deal with the emergency and give aid.

One of the pivotal issues addressed by these policies is labour, fundamental for Italians, Europeans and the countries from which the migrants arrive.

Migrant workers will be increasingly important in the community and in the job market of the country in which they arrive, whilst still perceiving themselves and being perceived as members of the community and job market of their country of origin with which they are in constant social, economic and cultural contact. They are both fully strongly tied to the Italian economy and, mainly through remittances, to the economy of their country of origin.

For this reason, labour and working rights are a fundamental component of bilateral and multilateral relations between Italy, Europe and Africa.

The hope for better job opportunities – along with the escape from authoritarian regimes, war and violence – is the main factor for migrations. Ignoring this fact and refusing to create a legal and safe channel for job seekers will not stop migrants, but merely increase illegal activities.