Along with the National Cinema Museum, the Association Musica 90, the European Institute of Design (IED), the Association Più con Zero and others, the CSA promotes “Africoeur”, a series of African music, cinema and design events in October.

A window on African culture, a free look on performance arts, literature, cinema, contemporary art, design and material culture.

A participatory platform where stories can be shared, debates opened, projects observed, ideas diffused. The series of events will take place in Turin, October 2015.

The idea of “CreativAfrica” derives from two recent projects: Africoeur and Ottobre Africano in Turin.

Africoeur , created by the Centre for African Studies, National Cinema Museum, Musica 90 and Più con zero, promotes the various artistic expressions of the African continent: music, cinema, art and design.

Ottobre Africano, created in Parma 12 years ago by Le Réseau to promote a participatory and cultural approach to immigration and inclusion, has had its first edition in Turin in 2014, organised by the associations Renken, Nakiri e Piemondo, hosting events on cinema, literature, music, arts.