Museums and cultural heritage


Since 1996, the CSA has initiated a project aimed at enhancing the artistic and ethnographic African assets owned in Piedmont museums, to the knowledge of the history of collections and the design of the African culture reading paths through artistic decoding, historical and religious and socio- cultural objects as a tool, symbol, sign.

cataloging campaign and study of the collections of historic objects, art and African ethnography in Piedmont

The research, launched in collaboration with the Industry Museums and Cultural Heritage of the Piedmont Region, has proposed locating, reviewing and analyzing africanistiche collections of historical, artistic and ethnographic in Piedmont. Part of the campaign of cataloging Demoethnoanthropological goods activated by Sector Museums and Cultural Heritage of the Piedmont Region - Project Guarini - has served to reconstruct the history of the objects and for the creation of a "loop" that allows the visibility and use of the collections by the public. The research results have also allowed the exploitation of this heritage by organizing seminars, exhibitions, workshops.

Part of the identified and cataloged materials were used for the preparation of the exhibition "Africa in Piedmont between '800 and' 900 - Images and colonies" and for the creation of a CD-Rom on the occasion of the exhibition "Africa: expressions a continent. " The CD-Rom contains a series of tabs related to the types of objects on display and every single object on display, contextualized with animations, movies and music. The cards provide information about the places of origin, materials, construction techniques and the ethnic group.

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