Migration, reception, inclusion, co-development – Interviews to Cerutti and Melchionda


On the occasion of the conference “Migration, reception, inclusion, co-development – The role of Med-African diasporas” we have talked with some speakers on the perspectives for inclusion policies and support to migrants’ associations.

Today, we propose the interview of Monica Cerutti, Representative of Regione Piemonte, who during the conference has announced the launch of a “Forum of new citizens” in order to refine a legislative proposal overcoming a regional law on immigration dating back to 1989, with a new text on “citizenry promotion”. The Forum will begin today, on October 27th, at 5 PM.

The presentation to the public of the Statistical Dossier on Immigration 2016, cured by Centro Studi e Ricerche  IDOS/Immigrazione Dossier Statistico, is also taking place today in Rome. We had the chance to meet the President of the Centre, Ugo Melchionda.