New African Diasporas - Transnational Communities, Cultures and Economies


The Centre for African Studies coordinates in Italy an important initiative for International mobility, “New African Diasporas: Transnational Communities, Cultures, and Economies”, by SIT Graduate Institute (Vermont, US): a 16 weeks long study course among the Unites States, Senegal and Italy, whose Italian component is organized by our Centre.

After a selection process involving University experts, the project has been opened to a number of students from Turin’s Universities: they participate to a 3 weeks long study course, in Turin, Bergamo and Brescia, with a site visit to the Murid community in Pontevico (BS). Italian participants enjoy all the activities proposed to their American colleagues, starting with the attendance of three courses on migrants’ entrepreneurship, the role of Islam and research methodology.

The courses attended by students, provided in English, are:

  • Entrepreneurship and Migration

  • Africana Muslim

  • Fieldwork & Framework

  • Wolof Language (open to American students only)

The lectures are enriched by site visits (starting with the International Training Centre of ILO and some integration areas in Turin) and by guest lectures, provided in cooperation with stakeholders such as the ILO, Senegal’s honorary Consulate, Turin’s Chamber of Commerce and NGOs. Another initiative consists in the proposals of films and/or documentaries on migration.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the organization of a Neighborhood Day, when students have the opportunity to visit three neighborhoods in Turin: San Salvario, Porta Palazzo and Barriera di Milano. This activity aims at rendering students aware of sensible issues and at supporting a multicultural dialogue,

During the students’ stay in Italy, the Centre for African Studies is responsible not only of the education provided to participants, but also of logistics. Students are involved in a hospitality programme hosted by Senegalese families in Turin, thanks to the cooperation with the Senegalese Association of Turin. The Centre provides all the logistics during the Italian weeks of the programme, from SIM cards top-up to room and board (lunches, coffee corner, rooms for lecturers), and the organization of movements and transport in Turin and towards other destinations in Northern Italy.