New African Diasporas - Final report


The Centre for African Studies coordinated the Italian component of the International mobility course "New African Diasporas - Transnational Communities, Cultures and Economies", which was attended by 17 students from American Universities and 6 students selected at the University of Studies of Turin. The group remained in Italy during February and March 2017, during a 4 weeks study programme. They arrived from Senegal, where they had studied the Murid community and its holy city, Touba, and, after their Italian time, they departed towards China, in order to meet the local Senegalese community,

During their stay in Italy, foreign students were hosted by Senegalese families in Turin, thanks to the kind cooperation of AST – Senegalese Association in Turin. The study experience provided four specific courses (Entrepreneurship and Migration, managed in cooperation with CeSPI; Africana Muslim; Fieldwork & Framework; Wolof Language) and a number of lectures and meetings organized by our Centre, in cooperation with our stakeholders network in Turin.

The Italian project ended with a visit in Lombardia, in Bergamo, Brescia and the village of Pontevico, where the most important Murid community in Italy is hosted.

A full report of this project, with a detailed description of initiatives and activities, can be downloaded from this page.