The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. An Ethiopian perspective.

Mercoledì, 31 Marzo, 2021 - 15:00
On line in diretta Facebook e Youtube - Rome time
This online webinar has been organised by the Ethiopian Embassy in Italy with the support of the Centre for African Studies (CSA), Turin, Italy. The hour-and-a-half online webinar aims at presenting the Ethiopian point of view on the effects that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has on the downstream flow patterns and its overall impact on the region.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, built by Ethiopia to meet the national need for water and energy resources, is facing an international crisis as it is claimed existence would deprive Egypt and Sudan of a large part of their respective water resources equally necessary for the needs of their populations.

One of the most debated points was how many years it must take Ethiopia to fill the basin so as not to leave the downstream countries dry and what should happen in the event of one or more years of drought, an event made more likely by climate change.
A stalemate in negotiations and unilateral actions could generate an escalation of conflicts.

Please notice that, to foster the debate, the CSA, an independent and equidistant institution, has already hosted a specular event organised by the Egyptian Embassy in Italy (3/03/2021). Please see: 

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