Welcoming Remarks + Introductory Paper


Born in Asti, Rosso graduated in Political Science at University of Turin. In 1978 he started the diplomatic career. His first experience abroad was in Bogotà (1980), where he was appointed as Responsible for commercial relations. From 1994 he was appointed to Moscow embassy, where he became Plenipotentiary in 2002 with the responsibility of bilateral political relations. At the G8 in 2009, he oversaw the topics of food security, education and accountability. He has been Ambassador in Ethiopia. He is currently President of Centro piemontese di Studi Africani (CSA).


Emanuele Fantini is a political scientist specialised in development studies. His research focuses on the political and moral economy of water governance, the process of state formation in Africa, the role of ICT and media in the processes of development and state formation in Sub-Sahara Africa. Emanuele has more than 10 years’ experience in international development cooperation, working for Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, multilateral institutions (UN Habitat), local authorities and NGOs, in Africa, the Balkans and Myanmar. He is the scientific coordinator for the current project.